ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Prize Money Breakdown

ICC Champions trophy treat as mini world cup of cricket and this is second most prestigious tournament of ODI cricket. ICC already declared the schedule of of the tournament between 1 to 18 June of this year. Top 8 ranking teams teams qualify for the 8th edition of the tournament and season ICC thinking of increase the prize money of ICC Champions trophy up-to 30% from the last edition.

ICC Champions trophy 2017 Prize Money


Prize Money
Champion team

$2.5 million

Runner up team

$1.25 million
Third and fourth team

$500,000 each

Participation Bonus 7 & 8 Place team


Prize Money of ICC Champions Trophy 2017

England was the host of 2013 Champions trophy and India won the champions trophy last season. Indian Cricket Team earn $2,000,000 prize money and runner-up England get $1,000,000. Third and fourth place teams also ICC bagged $400,000 each and 3rd place team of two groups also pocketed $100,000 in Champions Trophy 2013.

As usually ICC disclose their prize money details before a month ago starting a new tournament. So for upcoming tournament they will revealed their prize details and they give some clue about this. ICC authority already announced they are going to increase amount of prize money from the upcoming season. According to the calculation winning team will get $2.5 million and runner up will get $1,250,000. Third and fourth place will probably receive $500,000 each. This will be first time happening in Champions Trophy where 7th and 8th place teams also awarded for participation in the tournament. $25,000 prize is projected for bottom two teams of the tournament.

Let’s take a look on qualified team for the next edition, and the teams are Australia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Bangladesh England, and Pakistan. For winning an ICC tournament, cricketers don’t pocketed prize money, that prize money goes to their cricket board. Cricket board gives bonuses to cricketers for achieving their targets set by them. India won 2013 champions trophy final and earned $2,000,000. Indian Cricket Board receive the money and board gave them some reasonable bonuses to players for winning championship.

In this year 2017 the board of Cricket, International Cricket Council (ICC) offered highest prize money for this tournament $2.5 million which seems too low comparing other sports. Even single event matches like Tennis, Golf offering more money in this days where as Cricket money isn’t improving. Actually, ICC should follow FIFA and arrange more cricket tournament and spread this sports around the world. On the other hand, this should be call mini world cup as most leading ODI teams participating in this largest event.